Evershine International was founded in 2002 and is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, a beautiful coastal sub-provincial city. After 17 years of development, the company has gradually developed from a general cargo foreign trade company, which was originally engaged in beauty tools and travel supplies, into an ecological enterprise, which is mainly engaged in househould and home appliance product and has complete industrial chain. The company’s products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries & regions. The customer groups are basically importers, retailers and brands. 

At present, the company has a perfect on-the-job staff team, sales department, procurement department, R & D proofing center, design department and logistics service department, with a total of 105 employees.  Owning a 2400 square meter office building with office space and sample exhibition area. The average annual export sales amount is 40 million US dollars. The company has production plants as support, with 3 own household factories. 


Since 2019, Evershine start small electric home appliance business,  after 4 years developments,  Evershine has investment for main product factories, develop mold together, build own production line, and keep exclusive design for big customer.  Meet customer customization requirements. 


In next step, the owner of Evershine is staring analysing build own production park. We have a solid supply chain foundation, a team of solidarity and cooperation, strive to make progress, design, quality products, professional, stronger, bigger, products all over the world. We believe perseverance is core value for very-long term goals for our team, so let us keep together and pursue this business flourish soon with hard efforts.